What is Ozanam House?

Ozanam House is a charitable trust providing accommodation for patients undergoing cancer treatment and their accompanying carer or support person. Comprising over 12 houses on 3 sites, all within easy walking distance to/from the Hospital. Ozanam House provides the highest standard of comfort, privacy and atmosphere where health problems are understood and accepted. Each house is unique in design style and has a different number of bedrooms.

Is there any charge? How much does it cost?
There is no fixed charge for accommodation, nor is anyone ever turned away for financial reasons. However, most people prefer to make a donation and this may be discussed with the Administrator of Ozanam House.

Each bedroom is able to be locked.

What does my key access?
Your key allows you entry into the house you are staying in, your room and the recreation room on site.

What does my bedroom contain?
Each bedroom contains 2 x king single beds with an ensuite. The en-suites have handrails and non slip surfaces.

What heating is available in the rooms?
Wall heaters are available in all rooms.

When is my room cleaned?
There will be clean linen on your bed when you arrive. Towels are also provided. Linen can be changed by the guest as required. Your room will be cleaned when you have vacated it. During your stay we would appreciate it if you could keep your room tidy and clean.
Housekeepers are available to help you with your room upkeep if you are incapable or assistance is required.

Cleaning in other areas of the house.
Guests normally wash their own dishes and may do light housework if they wish. A housekeeper comes in daily for heavier chores.

All linen is provided and available for your requirements. Washing machines and dryers are available for guests’ personal laundry.

Can my family stay?
There are two single beds in your room so a support person can stay with you. If you wish more family members or support people to stay, this depends on the availability of accommodation at that time. Please speak to the Administrator if this is the case.

What other facilities are in the house?
Each house contains a different number of bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, dining room, lounge and library. Each guest is provided with a small fridge and storage cupboard in the kitchen.

What do I bring?
Bed linen and towels are supplied.  Tea, coffee and sugar are provided.
Bring clothes, personal belongings and food to suit your individual requirements.
You will have your own fridge and storage cupboard for food items.
Guests are responsible for their own food preparation – all kitchens are fully equipped.

Are staff available for queries?
The Featherston Street site is staffed from 7.30am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday.
Emergency numbers are available for 24 hour/weekend assistance.

Is WiFi available?
Guests and carers have access to free ultra fast broadband WiFi. Ask for an access code at the office.There are also a number of internet accessible desktop computers available for use. A fair use policy applies.

Am I able to phone home?
Yes, free national and international calling is available to land-lines in New Zealand, Australia, UK and USA and Canada. You will be given a phone number for the house you are staying in so that your friends or relatives can contact you.

How can I be contacted during my stay?
The Ozanam House phone number is 06-356 6316. Select the option – to be directed to the house you are staying in.
Our postal address is P O Box 5472, Terrace End, Palmerston North 4441.

Is family style accommodation available?
A limited number of stand alone-houses, subject to occupancy are available for specific needs.  Please discuss this with the Administrator.

Can I stay over the weekend?
Guests are welcome to stay over the weekend, please advise the Administrator.

Can I stay in the same house as before?
If you are returning for a subsequent stay, it is not always possible, however you are welcome to discuss this with the Administrator.

In the event of an emergency
There is an emergency kit available in the shed containing water, batteries, torch, radio, candles, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, janola and dust masks. (Rendu)

What do I do if staff are not available on site in an emergency?
Please phone 111 as you would at home.

What do I do in the event of an alarm activation?
Evacuate the building to the nearest assembly area. If fire, phone 111 and await the arrival of the alarm technician to reset the alarm.

Are pets allowed?

Is smoking allowed?
There are designated areas set aside for smoking. No smoking is permitted in any of the houses.

How far is Ozanam House from the Hospital?
5-10 minutes walk. The Administration staff are happy to drop you off and collect you for your appointments if required.

How far is Ozanam House from Supermarkets, Banks, Shops, etc?
Terrace End shopping complex is 20 minutes walk away and has a range of banks, Post Office and a few shops. New World supermarket is close to Terrace End. Again, the Administration staff are happy to drop you off and collect you if required.

Travel to Hospital – transport
Staff will provide transport to and from the Hospital during your stay if necessary.

Can I leave my vehicle here and take the shuttle? 
Yes, you may park your vehicle and use the shuttle between Hawkes Bay and Taranaki. The shuttles travel on Mondays and Fridays and sometimes on Wednesdays as necessary.

How can I contact the shuttle service?
Taranaki - phone the Taranaki Cancer Society 06-757 3006 or Mobile: 027-499 5293
Hawkes Bay – phone the Hawkes Bay Cancer Society 06-876 7638 or Mobile: 027-248 7217

Appointment times – Friday and Monday
The Oncology Department of Palmerston North Hospital makes bookings for all patients coming for treatment as out-patients. They do try to provide out of town patients with morning appointment times on Fridays and afternoon appointments times on Mondays.

Is there a particular time to book in or check out?
There are no rigid check in or out times. However, if you will be arriving after 5.00pm please contact the Administrator to arrange key and room details.

Is visitor parking available?
Car parking is provided for guests only.

What does the Ozanam House logo mean?

The caring hands of welcome to the "home away from home".  The daffodil signifies the first flower of spring whose bright yellow blooms remind us of the joys and hope a new season will bring. Together- welcome, caring, hope, joy and a new beginning.