Ozanam House patient & transport information


For enquiries and bookings on the shuttles from Hawkes Bay and Taranaki, please contact:

  • Hawkes Bay 06-876 7638
  • Taranaki 06-757 3006

The shuttles travel on Mondays and Fridays and sometimes on Wednesdays, as necessary. When arranging your Radio/Chemotherapy appointments, please inform the staff that you will be a shuttle passenger, so they can make your appointment to coincide with the shuttle arrival/departure times.

The Oncology Department of the Palmerston North Hospital makes bookings for all patients coming for treatment as out-patients. Patients are notified of this when their appointments are sent to them.


The driver will arrange this with you. Pick-up is made from all communities on the main route between New Plymouth to Palmerston North and Hawkes Bay to Palmerston North. Opunake passengers usually travel privately to Hawera to meet the shuttle. However, the shuttle will travel either routes (Opunake or Stratford) dependent on the passengers' requirements. The Society endeavours to make the service as flexible as possible to meet the passenger's needs.

Eligibility for Transport Assistance

Patients and their carers are eligible for transport assistance when they have a confirmed date for simulation or treatment at the Radiotherapy/Chemotherapy Unit at Palmerston North Hospital.

Ministry of Health Travel Allowance

The travel allowance is available to all patients who elect to use their own vehicle or make alternative arrangements to travel from their home to Palmerston North Hospital.

Applying for a Travel Allowance

For more information regarding eligibility and to apply for a travel allowance, please contact:
The National Travel Assistance Officer at Palmerston North Hospital 

Penny Leonard  - Phone: 06 350 8476 or 06 350 8944 - between the hours of 8.30 am and 4.30 pm.

You may also contact your own Hospital's Travel & Accommodation Officer for information.

What to bring

Just clothes and personal belongings, plus food to suit individual requirements.


There is no fixed charge for accommodation, nor is anyone ever turned away for financial reasons. However, most people prefer to donate something and this may be discussed with the Administrator of Ozanam House.

Cancer Society

Cancer Society Contact Details

Cancer Society of New Zealand Wellington Division
52 Riddiford Street
Wellington 6021
Information Service: 0800 226 237

Central Districts Division of the Cancer Society

Central Districts Division (Palmerston North)
Phone: 06-356 4011
Fax: 06-356 7804
Email: admin@cancercd.org.nz

Taranaki Centre (New Plymouth)
Phone: 06-757 3006
Fax: 06-757 8795
Email: admin@taranakicancersociety.org.nz

Wanganui Centre
Phone: 06-348 7402
Fax: 06-348 7406
Email: wgi.cancer.soc@xtra.co.nz

Manawatu Centre (Palmerston North)
Phone: 06-356 5355
Fax: 06-356 7804
Email: admin@cancerpn.org.nz

Hawkes Bay Centre
Phone: 06-876 7638
Fax: 06-876 5046
Email: admin@cancerhb.org.nz

Gisborne/East Coast Centre
Phone: 06-867 1795
Fax: 06-867 1032
Email: giscancer@xtra.co.nz

Shuttle services

Taranaki: Taranaki Cancer Society
Shuttle phone: 027-499 5293

71 Lorna Street
New Plymouth 4310
Postal: PO Box 5153
Westown New Plymouth 4343
Phone: 06-757 3006
Fax: 06-757 8795
Email: admin@taranakicancersociety.org.nz

Hawkes Bay: Cancer Society — Hawkes Bay Centre
Shuttle phone: 027-248 7217

207 Nelson Street South
Phone: 06-876 7638
Fax: 06-876 5046
Email: admin@cancerhb.org.nz

MidCentral District Health Board

Website: www.midcentraldhb.govt.nz

Mid Central DHB Health Services : Click Here